After an exciting journey, Crocodoc will be shutting down on November 1. Read more about how to export your data here.
API Documentation
Instructions for using Crocodoc in your own applications

The Crocodoc Personal API is shutting down on November 1. Please use our updated API at


All API requests require use of a valid API token. The following request uses an example API token to delete an uploaded document:

API Methods


Upload and convert a file. This method will try to convert a file that has been referenced by a URL or has been uploaded via a POST request.
Example request:

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Check the conversion status of a document.

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Delete an uploaded file.

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Download an uploaded file with or without annotations.

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Creates a new "short ID" that can be used to share a document.

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Clones an uploaded document. Document annotations are not copied.

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Creates a session ID for session-based document viewing. Each session ID may only be used once.
The following URL uses an example session ID to grant access to a private document:

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Embeddable Viewer{shortId}?embedded=true

View an embedded document. This URL returns a web page that can be embedded within an iframe.

Example Document

The following iframe is set to this URL:

Tip: Add the following CSS rule to show a spinner while the iframe loads.

iframe { background:url(// no-repeat center; }{sessionId}

View a document using session-based viewing. Session-based viewing enables the embedding of private documents. To obtain session IDs, use the session/get API method.

Example Session


Arguments should be passed in when creating session IDs.