API Documentation
Instructions for using Crocodoc in your own applications

A newer version of Crocodoc's API is now available. Go to https://crocodoc.com/docs/ to view the documentation for our new API.


All API requests require use of a valid API token. The following request uses an example API token to delete an uploaded document:

API Methods


Upload and convert a file. This method will try to convert a file that has been referenced by a URL or has been uploaded via a POST request.
Example request: https://personal.crocodoc.com/api/v1/document/upload?url=http://www.dcaa.mil/chap6.pdf&token=

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Check the conversion status of a document.

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Delete an uploaded file.

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Download an uploaded file with or without annotations.

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Creates a new "short ID" that can be used to share a document.

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Clones an uploaded document. Document annotations are not copied.

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Creates a session ID for session-based document viewing. Each session ID may only be used once.
The following URL uses an example session ID to grant access to a private document:

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Embeddable Viewer


View an embedded document. This URL returns a web page that can be embedded within an iframe.

Example Document

The following iframe is set to this URL: http://personal.crocodoc.com/demo?embedded=true

Tip: Add the following CSS rule to show a spinner while the iframe loads.

iframe { background:url(//personal.crocodoc.com/media/images/docviewer/spinner.gif) no-repeat center; }


View a document using session-based viewing. Session-based viewing enables the embedding of private documents. To obtain session IDs, use the session/get API method.

Example Session



Arguments should be passed in when creating session IDs.